More photos from cousins trip to Canada :(

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Title: In Which Vanille Gets Called Cute.
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uM THANKS SO MUCH! I don’t know if it was directed to either Vanille or I, but it made me blush nonetheless.


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"Fireflies. Lots of ‘em." A small unconvincing smile.




    It was a shame how he could not attend the trip to witness
    it himself. But he cannot help but take notice of the
    minute shift in tone. Perhaps the solitude was
    more influential than expected.

    So, he raises a hand to place a pat at her back.

        “You feeling all right, ‘Nille?”

   "Yeah, I’m alright. Just brought back a lot of memories is all."

 Specifically memories of her past long before the purge or the war. They weren’t sad memories at all. Just moments she missed. Vanille glances up to Noel with a grin on her lips, faltering not long after appearing.

   ”I remembered somethings back before I became a l’cie.  They were pleasant memories I just wish I could relive.”

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Post an icon, that you keep, but haven’t found a use for yet.

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Whatever ya say ‘Nille." She chuckled, smiling at her companion. "Yeah, I’ll wait up. You gettin’ lost in the dark wouldn’t help.

      "Not to mention this area gets spooky after nightfall." She shivers at the thought of something lurking around the corner just watching them waiting to attack from the shadows. 


Vanille nearly jumps out from her skin, clinging to Fang like a child would her mother after hearing the sudden call of an animal in the distance. "L-Let’s get out of here…"

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"….Maybe," emerged a more reluctant albeit nonchalant tone as he turned his back towards the red-headed girl, perhaps dragging this out to force the other girl to go on her own. She wouldn’t want to be late, now would she? "Don’t you have class to catch?"

          "Yes and you’re coming with me. Get up, Noctis. I will come in here with the cold spray bottle." She says threateningly as she walks off with his blanket. The fridge down in the kitchen holds a bottle of cold water for days when it’s hot out or mornings when the prince refuses to awaken.

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For a little bit…

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There you are! Where’d ya wander off to this time?

   "I did not wander off! You left me! Slow down, would ‘ya? It’s getting dark…”

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