01. Plains of Eternity
02. Dust to Dust
03. Vanille
04. Wish
05. The Gapra Whitewood
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When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come true.



vanillacry replied to your post:
"I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to—…" She’d just been so angry. She really didn’t mean to hit her so hard.


"Don’t be sorry." She gently patted Vanille’s head, a smile appeared on her features as she continued to speak. "I made ya angry and ya had the right ta punch me."

"You know, I’m not usually so rough with you. You’ve got enough scars as it is…"

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I want an M!A for genderswaps.

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Au’s that I still really would like to do;

  • The Morning After; Muse A and muse B spend the night together but upon waking in the morning, neither remember any of the events of the night prior.
  • Teacher’s Pet; Muse A is a student and is in one of muse B’s classes, and after a while they begin to speak. At first it’s only academic-related but soon their conversations begin to wander, and so do their thoughts.
  • Job Offer; Muse A recently moves to a new town where they know nobody and doesn’t have much in their name. They meet muse B who offers them a job that pays well, only to find out that the job is basically to become muse B’s personal “assistant” behind closed doors.
  • All Bets Off; Muse A is convinced by friends to befriend muse B and try to get them to sleep with them within the next month but as they begin to become closer, muse A can feel feelings growing for muse B; muse A in turn wants to call the bet off with their friends, but cannot.
  • Highschool Sweethearts; Muse A and muse B were deeply in love in highschool, but once college rolls around they loose touch. Eventually, years later muse A is planning their wedding and bumps into muse B (could be wedding planner or something) and as they begin to speak again, they realize that they are still in love with one another.
  • Toxic/Destructive Relationship; Pretty self-explanatory. I want lots of possessiveness over one of my muses, struggle for dominance and control issues between the two.
  • Abusive Ex; Muse A had an abusive ex and muse B tries their best to help you forget about the past and prove to muse A that not only will they not hurt them, but also protect them.
  • Sneaking Around; Again, pretty self explanatory. Either one muse or even both muses are in a relationship with someone else, but still agree to meet with one another to hook up on the regular. 
  • Firsts; Muse A has never been kissed and is incredibly shy; Muse B has seen and been through it all and is very boisterous. When both muses meet each other at an acquaintance’s house party, what will happen? Will they hate each other, or will love blossom?

*Disclaimer: Not all of these are my original ideas.*

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thebloodtalon replied to your post “(/)///()”

// *fans myself* pheeeew…

||;out of crystal; -giggles- x’D Who knew Nilly could be so tempting? ye?

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Hwoarang quirked an eyebrow as if he could see past her sweet smile. It felt like one big game, but he was ever-so willing to play. "Hmph. Whatever." A hand slowly rose off of the other’s stomach. It was true. She wasn’t like all women. That was the very reason he wanted the satisfaction of succeeding in some way. My. Such a twisted mind he has. "Still remember me? To refresh your memory, the name’s Hwoarang."

"How could I forget?" He’s hard to forget. I mean, look at that face. Who does he think he’s foolin’? "I’m Vanille…" The little soldier that’d once surfaced had suddenly disappeared once he’d given his name. At least now, her muscles could relax and she would be tempted to do anything rash. "So…what exactly do you want, Hwoarang?" Odd name too.

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thebloodtalon inquired: (/)///(\)

Send me a “(/)///(\)” and I’ll use a random number generator to see which kiss my muse will give yours.

19. Whisper Kiss

He’s so vulnerable just reading his magazine like a normal person. Tiptoing over to the redhead, Vanille leans over his shoulder, chin resting on it reading along. Well this was surprising. "Are you really reading these kind of magazines? In the company of a girl?" Her lips brush against his lobe as she whispers, fighting the urge to giggle.

"Bad boy."

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prince-lightofthenight inquired: //I've always wondered whether or not Fang and Vanille would have panties. Cause Pulse, from my understanding, had clothes sort of like Aztecs and Native Americans. I don't think they had underwear.



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9 hours ago

Send me a “(/)///(\)” and I’ll use a random number generator to see which kiss my muse will give yours.

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"It’s…great so far." It actually felt better than he expected. He didn’t know how tense he actually was until he felt Vanille dig into his muscles. 

Her palms slide down his back, sculpting out the spine and outward to his waist. Her thumbs settle inward, moving in a circular motion where his lower back is, working her way lower. "You’re back is so big, I can’t reach the spots I’m aiming for how I wish to." No, you’re hands are just small, Nilly.

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