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This blog needs more sassy Sazh, doesn’t it

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Title: Candy Floss
Artist: The Fangrai Tapes
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Here’s some Neopolitan action!

Illusiax as Fang

thecloudsarepretty as Lightning

Pyretta Blaze as Vanille



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Marriage AU



          Reno shifted as if going to say something, but paused at her question, fingers stilling in her hair. He turned, flipping open the PHS that he’d originally gone to retrieve, gaze flitting over the screen. No new messages, no alerts, no missed calls. The redhead snapped it shut once more, spinning on his heel to re-face Vanille.

          “Sure, why not? Don’t think I’ve got anythin’ to do today. What were you thinking of doin’?”


          "Well it’s still early." There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. They could plan a trip to the beach or a picnic or just a simply movie an dinner date like most couples would. However, Vanille has something else in mind. Something she hasn’t done in quite a while actually. Namely because Reno was always busy with work or is just wasn’t something he’d like to do, but there’s no harm in asking.

          "We could go out for dinner after a movie, but tonight—Wanna go dancing?"

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       Of course he leans forth to accept her kiss.

       Youth could be considered a guise if one considered how desensitized he has become to certain behaviour. Though it could stem from his comfort in his own skin, and his words— seldom does he speak what he does not mean. And it is similar with his actions, too. If affection is shown, rarely does he withdraw to rebuff, aside from obvious dislikes. But it would be a blatant lie to state that he is bashful of her signs of affection now, considering he had no reason to fear rejection.

So, indeed, it would be a difficult task to induce a flare of rose at his cheeks, but he should not underestimate her. Unless she presents some trick he is unfamiliar with. 

        “I’ll tell you what. If you do manage to pull it off, I’ll get you whatever you want. I won’t complain like I did when you wanted that new staff.”

        He is looking forward to the smooches, though. 

          Vanille laughs. A laugh so light, but genuine. The memory brought a smile to her face and not only that, but the promise he’d just made. "Anything I want, hm? If I succeed, y’ can’t chicken out. Don’t make promises you can’t keeeep." Knowing Noel, he’d most likely fall victim once more to Vanille’s pleading even if she failed. Yet the challenge and question remains; How will she get Noel to blush?




Hope let himself lean back, just enough to run his fingers down her back and watch her face blush prettily while trying not to grin himself. Even after all these years, and managing to overtake her in age, Vanille was utterly adorable.

"… You okay, there?"

          “I…—Hope, can I ask you something?” It’s something that she’s wondered a long time now and a brush of the lips didn’t necessarily prove anything. It’s obvious that Vanille holds a fondness for Hope. Even more so now that he’s grown as a person altogether. It’s safe to say that part of her has fallen for him, but how did Hope feel about her she wondered. 

          “How do…—err…Do you like…” It’s a lot harder asking it aloud than it was in her head. "Nevermind," she gives up with a bright red hue stretched across her face. She’s never had to ask something like that before. Not that she’s not familiar with the feelings.

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E s ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ ᴇ



        Akin to a caged bird, she thirsts for change, for liberty— and in a sense he can relate. Eternally shackled to his sin of centuries past, it still haunts him to this day. And what a sickening feeling it is, being confined, restricted, thwarted from your utmost potential. And he stirs at her words, a sensation of unease now washes over him. But he calms somewhat following her revelation, confirming the organization he held such contempt for was confidently proven to be dreadful to its own members.


She speaks his name as if she had known him for years, and it confounds him. He observes her demeanour suddenly shift to a more welcoming air. But it would explain the reason why she was so open to approaching him, unarmed and vulnerable. Very few individuals knew of his name in Luxerion, all others kept lips firmly sealed so his secret could thrive. With his cover blown, he reveals himself from the shadows protecting him, as they are of no use in her presence.

        “How do you know my name? The Order must know more about me than I thought…”

          Vanille chuckles now that he’s come out to fully reveal himself. “No, not quite. It’s…a bit odd to explain.” She wasn’t sure how to tell him, but surely he’d come to figure out who she is given her name.

          “Ah—I’m Vanille…” Her heart leaps at the sound of motion in the distance coming to find it’s just a stray cat. It wasn’t safe to linger around if she intends on following through with her wish. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to get caught. I’m heading to South Station, but…” It’s best that she leaves before she gets caught. "Will you come with me? Just to the station. It’s not far."

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        “Yeah, I have no problem with that.”

Sweets were good, sure— though Noel preferred savoury or salted foods. If she wished for sweets he would not deny her them.

        “You can pick whatever you want… well, as long as it’s not for a ridiculous price.”

           "I won’t choose something expensive. I promise. I guess that means you’re treating? How sweet!" She never asked that of him, but it was nice of him. Taking his hand, Vanille and Noel walk to the shop of their choice. In no time, a petite’s mouth is watering at the sight of the delicious treats set display in the window. "I want chocolate cake. Oh! No, wait! Strawberry shortcake! Ahh—the blueberry marble muffins look so good."

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