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Oh dear lord, here I am again! Followers & followers keep on coming everyday and I can’t really say how much I appreciate that! I mean… you are all so nice and sweet to me. Most of you talk to me and give me support whenever I feel down or just… sad. You talk to me everyday and you interact with me. Damn, you make me so happy! ❤
So yeah! This time, instead of making a follow forever or a meet the mun or whatever, I will be making a huuuuuuge giveaway. I mean seriously! But let me explain the deal before we start this, yeah?

First of all, this will be a huge giveaway like I’ve told you. This means the prizes will be: full-edited themes, backgrounds, banners (both tumblr’s and promotion’s), icons, art, etc..
— to participate in this giveaway it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is make sure that you are following my blog (so you can get the updates) and reblog this post. Of course, you can like it, but it won’t count. Reblogs only! And please, only once!
— there will be a total of 10 winners. All of them will get the same prizes. This means that if you participate and win, you’ll get all the prizes above mentioned.
— the winners will be announced in 9/27 & the prizes will be delivered during a while week! GOOD LUCK!

Theme & background & banner examples: (here) & (here)
Icon examples: (here) & (here) & (here)


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Send me 웃♡웃 for a date between our muses


Or without looking send me 웃♡웃 and a number from 1-28 and I’ll write a starter/drabble based on it.

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Can I bellow “CUMMING” the same way I bellow “SWINTON”?

I remain skeptical.

yes, yes you can.

Also gentlemen, take note: this is how you age spectacularly.

I view him and SWINTON as the benevolent, saucy, ambiguous godparents we ALL need. 

All I can see is Floop from Spy Kids.

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Little sailor dress. Price: $18.00

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You can bake?! Aaaah, Vanille-san!” Clear suddenly reaches over and stops her in her tracks, grabbing her shoulders with sheer urgency. He’s beaming so much that not even the sun itself can hold a candle to him.

We should bake together one day! We can make lots of doughnuts and eclairs and pastries and tartlettes!” That sounds so good. Fun with a friend plus a food frenzy? How amazing can one idea get?

   "Yeah? That sounds like a ton of fun! We should do that soon! We’ll buy the stuff we need together and make it all from scratch just like I used to with Grandma!" Baking sweets is something she’s somewhat good at, but cooking beyond that? Not so much. As much as she believed her cooking was fine, there are times she adds too much of something or not enough. Her meat is often burned and other items over or under cooked. Baking was a lot easier.

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She couldn’t help but smile as her companion shivered, thinking it just mock fear, in an attempt to make her stay close. However, she found herself quite surprised as an animal howled, and Vanille nearly left her shoes behind to dash for Fang.

H-Hey…" She started softly, before sighing, curling an arm around the smaller woman’s shoulders. She offered a smile, nodding her head. "Yeah, stickin’ ‘round here probably isn’t a good idea.

   "Nnnn." It wasn’t so bad before sunset, but now it’s getting so dark that it’s getting hard to see. She’s glad for the glow offered by the shrooms growing in the shadows for it gave some light at least, but lately her sights been getting pretty bad.

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[ ϟ ] ——;;
❝ …. ❞
         [ dual limbs worked like iron gears, a solid
              pulse thrust from the ground and her
              movements were effortless. a graceful
              sequence of full barrel rolls over rough
              carpeting and landing in a death-like
              silence. a stealth unmatched to any
              criminal under her belt as an officer.
              and here she was, twisting and
              crouching behind tables, sofas,
              and doors all in attempt to mask her
              presence from the other intruder that
              violated the sacredness of Vanille’s
              privacy. only through a muffled whisper
              did the soldier attempt to track the girl
              held hostage within her own home  ]

   "Wh-who’s there?!" Now she had to face hordes of little spiders and the possibility of a burglar. Unknowing to her company out beyond her line of vision, Vanille opens the bathroom door slowly, letting the light bleed into the hall. As much as she wants to make a break for it, she’s pretty much trapped on the toilet.

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『†』: The Raven Couldn’t Help but feeling sympathetic, having been through the same thing many of times in the past. He also knew that there wasn’t much he could say or do to fix anything and instead, unconsciously began to say. Listen, I may not be the Vanitas you once knew, But I’ll definitely be a better friend than he ever was to you. I won’t leave you, Alright ? ”

Or it was more likely that he’d try to be. And who knew If she reciprocated those feelings of camaraderie ? He flushes, grinning sheepishly before waving his hand. " Oh, Really ? I’d like to meet him. "

   Vanille blinks, a beautiful smile slowly blossoming across her face like a sunset or a blooming flower. Cheeks glow as rosy as roses themselves as her bursting smile show pearly white teeth. It’s almost blinding, but that’s simply how happy he had just made her. Her laughter rings like a harmony of the most joyous of tunes.

     “You’re sweet, Vanitas! Thanks!” Even if it weren’t true or just said in the spurr of the moment, hearing it brought a smile of true happiness to her face more devine than any of her usual grins, cheeses, and smirks.

     "Do you like animals?" and now she couldn’t seem to stop smiling.